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Exercises Everyone Should Be Doing

I'm going to start a comprehensive lift of the best exercises ever. Freeweight, GPP, bodyweight, whatever as long as its good. I'm only putting a few so please add your own!

Clean and Jerk




a press overhead
a pullup or chin
a squat or deadlift
a clean or snatch

again, i really like clean snatches



Anything compound.


...as opposed to dirty snatches. :stuck_out_tongue:


Any kind of paused squat- on box, on chains, even just pausing on heels- just paused.

Good mornings- all kinds.

Board presses.

DB presses- just 'cause it's the one and only pressing moevement that has never screwed up my shoulder, elbow or wrist.


Even when I've been injured with all kinds of things one thing I can almost always do that I think is so versatile is sled dragging/sled work.



I do so love your avatar. God bless America she is beautiful!



Kind of cool, and funny, that no one has mentioned bench press.


Nah, I like my snatches wide.

I like how you just refer to yourself as "Bastard." Someone should choose the name "Asshole" so the forum can have a Bastard and an Asshole. Maybe add a Jerk, too.

My choices:

A squat, a push, and a pull.


I dunno ... I just don't feel anything that way ... hmmm



Two-dumbbell clean & press...

very underrated, maybe the best exercise for overrall upper-body size.


Rack pulls, reason being they're less technically demanding then full deadlifts so even the skinny fat coeds I see ambling around the rec center can do them. Plus they work the oft neglected posterior chain and allow a large load.


I would say that good mornings are highly under-rated.

And...I know this might sound like heresy, but I think training all the major muscle groups is essential

Curls (yep I think this counts as a major group)
Grip (farmer's walks)
Shoulder Press
all essential, plus abs and lower body.


100m & 200m sprints


"all essential, plus abs and lower body"

funny stuff



Have you considered other variations of the snatch?

It it well known that the clean snatch requires a high degree of technical proficiency and typically requires elaborate planning and extended practice sessions before ever completing a successful repetition. Additionally, it is high maintenance in that it requires increasingly complex assistance work while at the same time the training frequency must almost always be reduced.

The dumbell snatch on the other hand is more versitile, provides the same rewards, and has few negative side effects. It is easy enough to execute on the first try, can be performed repeatedly without fear of overtraining, and is very low maintenance.


Maybe I gave the impression that lower body is not worthwhile?

Anyways for lower body:

bulgarian lunges
good mornings

And for abs:
a crunch/ sit-up, weighted if possible
a knee/leg raise, weighted if possible


Picking up, throwing, squatting, pressing, and just generally lifting/manhandling a sandbag.

Let's throw in pushing and pulling cars and other motor vehicles as well just for the fun of it....:smiley:

And finally, my "essentials":

Some overhead press
Some kind of squat
Some kind of deadlift
Some kind of pushing motion (whether it be bench, weighted pushups, pushing a car, etc.)
Some kind of pulling motion (again, pulling a car, pulling yourself up a rope with just arms, etc.)
Some kind of sprinting


Alright, I'll admit, I can't figure out if this is a "snatch" joke or not.