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Exercises After Basketball?


Hey I'm 16 years old.

I heard that lifting after cardio isn't the best option and that it can catobolize muscle.

But during the school year, I have no choice but to play basketball/cardio before I can do any other type of training.

But what about push ups, ab work, and non-weighted leg excercises(bodyweight squats, riding bike, running hills).

Say I play 2-3 hours of basketball and some HIIT. Then 10 minutes later I do some bodyweight lower body excercises, do 50 push ups, and some ab stuff. And then I'll drink a protein shake afterwards.

Or say I play a few hours of intense basketball. Then 10 minutes later I ride a bike up a hill to build leg strength, and then do some ab work.

I know I've kind of asked this question before, but that was about weight lifting. I figured this isn't as intense as weightlifting so there is probably a difference.

Would that be okay? Would there be any muscle catobolizing?


Considering how you basically ignored the detailed responses that people provided in your other thread, and the type of questions you continue to ask, I'm now convinced that this is a troll job.

Pretty good one though, certainly had me fooled.


Nobody really answered my question.

They just told me to eat a lot.