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Exercise Won't Make You Thin..In Fact It Will Hurt You...


Ok, seriously. Everytime CNN posts one of these fucking articles on their front page I feel like they must have some fat sack of shit editor who wants to feel better about himself so he OK's another one of these shit-pile articles. You mean if I exercise but then use that as an excuse to eat a dozen donuts like an undisciplined cunt I won't actually lose weight or reap any benefits? Well fuck me sideways.



haha. i ran into this article. the title is funny as hell.
First dumb thing.

1.The findings were surprising. On average, the women in all the groups, even the control group, lost weight, but the women who exercised â?? sweating it out with a trainer several days a week for six months â?? did not lose significantly more weight than the control subjects did.

Yeah that applies if you have a wack ass personal trainer like one from bally's or world gym where they lead you on for 18 months telling you that you will only lose 20 lbs. lol. i hated working at both those places. they told me to take it real slow with people and to create a " dynamic workout" aka one that they couldn't take home on a written piece of paper to study or in other words BS my clients so that they need me forever.

Second dumb thing

2.All this helps explain why our herculean exercise over the past 30 years â?? all the personal trainers, StairMasters and VersaClimbers; all the Pilates classes and yoga retreats and fat camps â?? hasn't made us thinner.

Ummm yeah dumbass, lifting weights like prisoner, Eating Clean and Doing it everyday of the week is how you lose weight.


That is pretty dumb. They're assuming that since they're hungry, THEY HAVE to eat. While you're at it, blame the fork for making you eat. Of course you're gonna be hungry if you're on a diet, but the idea that it may require efforts to lose weight is just beyond those people's comprehension.


yep complete retards. damn if you don't get hungry from working out then you aren't doing something right. well for norms that is. for anyone willing to take some time and do some research about pre, mid and post workout nutrition they wouldn't be running a buffet right after they got off the treadmill.


You have to take into account what they are eating and the quantity. This study is meaningless if nutrition is also not controlled.


I fucking hate people.


That guy (John Cloud) is a total douche... a few links for hilarity.

"John Cloud: Today's Most Dissed Person in the Blogosphere"

Forgive the ugliness of the website but this guy refutes EVERYTHING point by point in these posts!


Cloud needs to get fired... his rants should be on a personal blog... not in TIME magazine/website.


so in disagreeing with the article - you actually agree with what they say. WTF is ur point?!?!?!?


oh look my first dick rider/key board warrior. the point is ignore articles and ask bodybuilders how to change your body. well not like that would be you or something but yeah someone with some actual results might help them.


lol you can always tell people who haven't lossed or helped someone lose alot of weight. When losing weight people like to chase the scale. When chasing the scale rigorous exercise does not work, even more so for beginners. For Bodybuilders it works because they tend to have more mass then the body wants to have anyway. For the lay woman, the bodies first reaction is to store nutrients some don't lose or even gain up to 5 lbs the first few weeks. What he doesn't account for is body compensation. The weight shifts and people do tend to look sexier even if they lose less weight