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Exercise Without a Lot of Muscle Damage?


Dear all,

I am volunteering in medical research (basically feeding me a medicin and looking for (side)effects). Anyway they told me that strenuous exercise is prohibited before and during the study because it has effects on bloodmarkers etcetera. Does anyone know what these markers are? I guess creatinine, and maybe others?

And does anyone know how to limit the effect of excercise on these markers? Eccentric-less training comes to mind, but I am not sure?


Don't. Do. Strenuous. Exercise.

Whenever I get an cornea transplant, I will not be working out for 6 months with weights. Or pushups. Or aerobics.

I suggest you get used to stretching, meditating, and calisthenics.


Why take SO long off? There should be a way to keep hitting the gym without screwing their test results or not? Anyone else advice?


If you are going to be taking part in this medical research, just don't train.

If it bothers you too much not to train, then don't be a part of a study. Basically any activity above active daily living will create changes in your blood markers. Specific types of exercise will make more dramatic changes, such as eccentric intense training.

Just don't be that douche who screws up a study that somebody probably put a lot of time and effort into because you want to be selfish.