Exercise vs Nutrition

Interesting article, and some of you know my thoughts on exercise alone doing very little for weight loss. And that I don’t think the rise in obesity is due to us being less active these days compared to those in the 70s for example.

That said, this article was still a little surprising to me and I’m curious how accurate it is.

Well first I’d like to know what adults they used to compare in U.S. and Europe?

Surely those in U.S. and Europe will have a much higher metabolic rate with the readily available foods, thus the body does not need to be in “starvation mode”, whereas it is more likely that a hunter gather may have gone and will go a few days without food thus a lower RMR.

As we all know the body becomes efficient with repetition, therefore there is bias within the energy expenditure of the adults who are doing the same thing they have been for years, albeit strenuous. To them it won’t be as hard. I highly doubt they will attempt the harder meal if an easier one was available.

In a recent documentary by the BBC a guy increased his NEAT (Non exercise activity thermogenisis) by 500cals by just moving more i.e. stairs instead of lifts etc… Now this is great news for the sedentary office guy who is looking to lose some weight or be more active at work esp if they have a desk job, but, after a month or so of this, NEAT in my opinion will fall considerably as the individual gets better at the movements. Now unless he/she does two steps forward one step back or something to mix it up the NEAT is going to decline considerably.

I have not read the full study but the article suggests a very simple study that needs to take into account many other factors. But that’s my opinion.

I do agree with everything you say re nutrition V exercise. A common BB saying is “you can’t out train bad nutrition” - clearly indicating the importance of what you slam down your mouth.

Instead of linking to the study itself, you linked to what is effectively some dudes blog, which isnt considered a legitimate source.

Here is the actual study itself which tells alot more imo

They have a chart showing the differences in bodybat % and the HADZA have a drastically lower avg %

And its funny how they suggest that exercise does little for weight loss when you compare the avg masses from them to western folks