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exercise vid's online

a little while back i followed a link from the forum here to a site i believe hosted by ball state (could be wrong) that was a listing of exercises grouped by muscle group. each exercise had a description, etc and a little video which showed how it was done. i was wondering if anyone here had the link to that site? ive completely forgotten which thread i found it in so the search engine is useless to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

tryin to help a friend setup a routine for himself, and since he lives in texas and im on canada its a little hard to show him something new :wink:


In faith,

Do a google search.


go to the home page, there are other videos as well…

strength lab!! that was the name of it!

tnx matt!

btw the advice to google it was amazing… u sound like a typical university professor now a days. :smiley: