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Exercise to improve shot velocity

Hi all,

I was wonderind what “sport specific” exercises can I do to increase the velocity/speed of my shots (soccer)? Also, what can I do to improve my top sprint speed (aside from doing sprints)?
Off the topic for a second, does the program “Fitness Made Simple” by John Basedow work? He showed a before and after photo of himself; first as a chunky guy and the 2nd of him really ripped…how does he do it?


Anyone have an idea?

I don’t know…maybe front squats done quickly & explosively as possible to work the quads? The mass of the ball isn’t very large, so the velocity of your foot is what would make the difference. In Zatsiorsky’s S&PoST, there’s a really good pic of a setup where an athlete is leaning back on an incline bench (p.152 for those who have the book) & is lifting a kettlebell off the floor with his foot, making a soccer kick sort of motion. That would probably be good too, because he says in the last chapter that a good way to increase power is to do the main sport movement with added resistance. Make sure you do the lifting at about the same speed you’ll be swinging your leg when kicking though or there won’t be much of a carryover to the sport. You’ll also get big strong hip flexors that will have to be balanced with big strong hip extensors so you’ll have to do lots of deadlifts, squats, etc as well. For sprinting, olympic lifts, speed squats & speed deadlifts would be good I think. I’ve never heard of that John guy though, or his book, I had success with a T-DDawg sort of diet though.

Sound all around strength training with both ballistic and staic grind 'em out movements, sprints,heavy abs, and most important, kick the ball often.
I looked at that site you referred to, not as informative as this site, dragondoor, myodynamics, and yahoo group, supertraining. (I am being kind, I found that site and program to be sorely lacking, but I may be wrong and am bding judgemental)

This is a tough question to answer without knowing more about your current training and strength development. Coach Davies would be a great resource to contact for a good speed/power program, but if you have’nt developed a good base of strength, increased speed and power are difficult to attain. Too many athletes jump into expolsive/ballistic lifting programs and plyometrics before developing significant strength. It’s literally putting the cart before the horse. Tudor Bompa mentioned a little about this in his interview in the latest T-mag. Find a good performance coach (like coach Davies) who can design you a well planned periodized program to work towards your goal of increased speed and power. Also remember, that specific sports skill development takes top priority in your training. Strength, speed and power development is something to add to your training to take you to the next level. Good luck.

Try using those little ankle weights too. Play a bit with them on, then take them off & your shots will be harder.

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Just an educated guess but for soccer shot power, perhaps some fast side lunges would do the trick. Sprint speed would be squats, calf-raises and stiff-legged dead lifts. Your real answer will come from Davies, Bomba, Francis and Berardi however.

John Basedow??? Isn’t he Richard Simmons boyfriend?

I played soccer for 8-years. And when I would practice on my corner kicks as well as other soccer specific skills, I would get together with another teammate and we would - practice our corner kicks and other soccer specific skills. On a empty playing field. That worked.