Exercise Tips After 6 Wks Off, Elbow Fracture?

Hi guys,

In a few days it’ll be 6 weeks ago that I picked up a Type 1 radial head fracture (Type 1 meaning no displacement) in my left elbow. Improving my ROM is an ongoing concern but what I wanted to get your advice on was what kind of exercises I should be doing when I go back to the gym.

Like I said, in a few days it’ll be 6 weeks since the injury, at which point the bone should have healed fully and (according to the doc) I’ll be free to return to activities that recruit muscles in and around my elbow (i.e. basically every upper body exercise!), provided it’s pain free. When I return to the gym, though, which exercises should I be doing and which ones should I be avoiding for now? Anyone pick up the same (or similar) injury in the past and get advice from an expert on this kind of thing?