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Exercise Threshold?

Hey all. We all know that after exercise there is a window of nutritional opportunity, i.e., increased insulin sensitivity and so forth, and that this is what we’re supposed to take advantage of through Surge! or similar products. My question is, has anybody quantified just how much exercise is required to open this window of opportunity? I mean, obviously, a grueling GVT workout does the job; and a workout consisting of one set of one rep of pinky curls performed at 2% of one’s 1RM doesn’t. So, just how many sets, reps, or whatever do we have to do to know that Surge!ing is called for? I suppose the logical extension of this line of thought is that (if one wanted to get really fancy pants) there should be a formula for determining post-WO nutritional intake as a function of work performed (i.e., lots of Surge! should be ingested after hard leg workouts, less Surge! after easier leg workouts, even less after arm workouts, even less after PC workouts, etc.). Don’t know if anyone’s done research on this, but man would it be helpful. Laters.

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