Exercise the Sternocleidomastoid?

hey guys this is my first post at T-Nation, glad to have joined the community.

my question is this. when i was younger i had what is called a congenital muscular torticollis, which ended up with surgery on the right side of my neck. fast forward 20 years later and the left side of my neck, in particular the sternocleidomastoid, is very well developed and looks nice when i turn my face to the right.

on the other hand, i can’t even see the right sided muscle, and when i turn my face to the left, i still see absolutely nothing. all i can feel is a thin strand of neck muscle, almost like a thin strip of rubber.

essentially, i’m very disappointed and i think it looks weird, and im wondering what are the exercises i can do to hopefully balance out this whole thing? more specifically, exercises that will only target the right hand side of the muscle?

thanks in advance guys.

Just do like zoolander and dont turn left…

I dont know of any exercises to really help balance this out.

I suppose you could rig something up with some very light resistance bands and do head rotations. If I were going to do it, id have some sort of spoon or something in my mouth that i’d bite down on, and then attach the restance band to the handle of the spoon, and a wall or something. It sounds really weird, but would work. The only thing is, if its been like that since you were young, you probably wont be able to make big changes.

Just get a bigger chest and biceps, and dont look left.

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Have you considered seeing an ENT doc?

Neck harness work looking to balance strength & development?