Exercise suggestions?

I have been lifting for less than a year now and I have been using a slight variation of the ‘beginner’s blast-off program’ for the last 3 weeks. However, at the end of most workouts I feel that I have both energy and time to burn. I am looking at adding 1-2 exercises to each day but am not sure exactly what to add. I would value any input you guys could give. Currently I my routine is:

Day 1 - Chest & triceps: bench press 3(12), db flyes 3(12), close grip bench press 3(12)

Day 2 - Back & biceps: Pull-ups 5(5), bent-over rows 3(12), barbell curls 3(12)

Day 3 - Quads & hamstrings: Pistols 5(5), lunges 3(12), straight leg deadlifts 3(12)

Day 4 – Shoulders, calves & abs: Overhead press 3(12), shrugs 3(12), standing calf raises 3(12), crunches (4 variations) 4(12)

Currently I am considering adding bench dips to day 1 and deadlifts to day 3. The only restriction is that I lift at home and am therefore limited free weights / body weight exercises only – not that that’s a bad thing :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

You should have energy to burn at least most of the time. See the ‘Ian King Cheat Sheets’ article at T-mag for more info on that. Also, you could add a set to each exercise or slow the tempo or use the 1 and 1 1/2 technique etc. There are a lot of options to bumping up the intensity not just doing more execises. The old “Ressurecting the Oak” articles also had some tricks for this. This would help in a limited equipment situation.

You’re suggestions of bench dips and deadlifts sounds good. You could also incorporate some grip/forearm training at the end of your workouts. This tends to be a weak link for many people. Wrist curls/extensions are good plus you could check out the old school grip training article by Chad Waterbury here at T-mag. I would also agree with TEK. All of his suggestions are very good also.

TEK & Jason – Thanks for the advice. You’ve given me some good stuff to look at; well I have some reading to do now . . . thanks again.