Exercise Substitutions?

hi all,

I’m a complete newbie to weight training.

I’m starting out on “The Waterbury Method” program.

I’d like to do it all at home if possible (more convenient then going to the gym).

If I do it all at home I need substitutions for the following exercises –

Dips (no where to really do them that I can think of)
Skull Crushers (too dangerous to do alone)
Hanging Leg raises (no where to do them…)
Chin Ups (no where to do them…)

What I have to work with –
A simple/cheap work bench with straight bar, overhead cable attachment, and bicep curl rest attachment.
Dumbells (actually only dumbell handles + weights).
Other random stuff around house.

any suggestions?

Complete newbie=NO Waterbury method!


First you’re not ready for it
Second, the schemes are not advantageous to the true beginner
Third, just pick a few basic exercises and go 2-4 sets of 8-10 for 6 mos. Add weight consistantly as you feel the need.
Learn about your body and how it responds.
Eat right and see where your progression takes you.

I dont think you will get much sympathy or help from people if you say you dont want to go to the gym because of convenience. Things like dips and chins are the basics for upperbody especially in a beginner. Waterbury Method is one of Chad’s more advanced programs so I would have to suggest against that as well. Check out this link to get some ideas for basic weight training and nutrition http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=640350 you could maybe start with ABBH I by Waterbury but i would probably suggest something more basic like suggested 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps, compound movements like squats deadlifts chinups and presses(bench,military)

fair enough. If I can’t do the dips/chinups/etc at home I’ll continue to go to the gym.

And I’ll look into the programs.

[quote]keyser12 wrote:
fair enough. If I can’t do the dips/chinups/etc at home I’ll continue to go to the gym.

And I’ll look into the programs.[/quote]

Dips and chins can be done at home for relatively cheap. Look into store bought or homemade equipment that will let you do the lifts you want. Personally, I don’t care for dips, but chins/pullups are mandatory.

The key here is to begin–as a beginner. It will be beneficial for you down the road. Learn about the exercises. Learn about failure. Find out where you are.

Read alot on this site. Go elsewhere.
Most importantly, use that info in the gym to get started and see what works for you.

Good luck

lol dude its fucking easy to do chins , find a tree branch! and for dips just try to get like 2 chairs or tables and put 1 arm on each and do them, you can do tricep extensions(skull crushers) with your body weight. check out christian thibaudeau’s mcgyver workout i think it is to see how

I would say continue to go to the gym until you get some sufficient equipment. You can get chin up bars that attach right into a doorway, which are easily removable. Also, don’t forget about the local library. I lot of beginner resistance/weight training books will have modified ways of doing certain things on everyday equipment.

what I decided to do was re-arrange the workout, from 3 days into 4 (basicaly moving chinups/dips/etc into a 4th day), so that I can do 3 days as soon as I wake up at home, and the “can’t do at home exercises” i can do on the 4th day in the gym.