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exercise substitutes

Hey all, got a bit of good news and a bit of bad news (which I need your posts for)

GOOD: I’m out of the crappy commercial gyms. No more Britney Spears! Got an olympic bar and 300lbs weight. All I could afford on a college budget on spring break.

BAD: I have no RACK or BENCH. I therefore cannot do a variety of Westside lifts when I go home over the summer. My first priority is getting/making a rack, but til then, I need help figuring out what I can do for both ME and DE main exercises. I will deadlift for sure.

Oly lifts? Any help?

Exercises that you can do with just an olympic bar off the ground:
bent rows
french press
front squats
overhead squats

If someone can hand you the bar you could do floor presses and board presses off the floor. Speed floor press. If you can clean your DE squat weight then you should be able to stick with de box squats…actually for dynamic work check out chad waterbury’s articles on the jumping box squat and explosive push-up. Depending on what you bench and squat these would be great substitutes for speed bench, speed squat.

Squats (get two friends to lift bar onto your shoulders)
Hack Squat
Sumo Deads
Stiff Leg Deads
One Arm Snatch
Hang Snach
Hang Cleans
Bent Over Rows
Over Head Tricep Extensions

There are TONS of exercises you can do. Just use your imagination!

Zercher deads. Those are fun.

Steinborn lift to get the bar on your shoulders.

This is in addition to those listed above.

thanks all for the posts. I’m waaay to burned out from studying. I was contemplating the question on a study break. I’m familiar with most oly lifts, and yes I can clean my DE Squat weight.

I don’t believe I’m familiar with a Zercher dead (as opposed to squat), or steinborn.

I’ve gotta make me a squat rack when I get home for summer!