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Exercise Selection!


I'm confused now, I've been reading up alot on bulking in a few sources and i'm getting different information on the best!

Basically the thing is I'm trying to bulk, alot of people are saying lift big compound lifts others are saying burn the muscle and isolate it, working different muscle group each day...

TYPE A:..I Train 3 days a week, lifting heavy compound exercises covering the full body in those 3 days..

TYPE B:..I train 3 days a week, Bi's/Back, Tri's/Chest, Legs/Shoulders (Not in that order) Lifting heavy and using Isolation work, Burning the muscle to that last rep..

Surly there both just as effective but it's known to use TYPE A workout to build your base first and grow then use TYPE B worked for definition when cutting or stable base? Right?

Advice please?