Exercise Selection

I seem to have put in too much back work in my workouts. I have been alternating A and B sessions three times a week. Here is what I call my A-session, made up of regular and EDT parameters:

Deadlifts 8 X 3

15 minute EDT PR Zone 1: Bent-Over Rows supersetted with Flat Dumbbell Bench

After that I’m not really sure what to do, I’ve been changing it around. I’d like to do another 15 minute PR Zone, but I don’t know what exercise selection to do. I think I choose back exercises a lot because most of them are compound and that’s what I’d like to do a lot of. The exercise pairing should be antagonist (though it could also be an upper part and a lower) and I would like to get basically a full body workout in each session. Here is my “B Session” to keep in mind for exercise reccommendations for the A session:

15 minute EDT PR Zone 1: Chin-ups supersetted with Decline DB Bench
15 minute EDT PR Zone 2: Leg Curls supersetted with Front Squats
15 minute EDT PR Zone 3: Barbell Curl supersetted with Dumbbell Pullover

So I would not like to repeat any of those exercises. Also, keep in mind my weak spot is my chest. Should I forgo the second PR Zone on my A-Day and do a few exercises with more normal parameters if antagonist pairings are not possible? I would appreciate any help I could get; let me know if I need to be more clear about anything. Thanks.

SMALL stuff brom youve done the big work already. do a PR zone for isolation wor like arms shoulder etc.