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Exercise Selection

After recent events (pain in crotch what may be a pre-hernia scare) I’m two workouts into more of a strictly bb’ing focused routine.

Workout 1 was back/bis>>>>> hit the pullups as the main exercise.

Workout 2 chest main event was DB flat bench and decline.

These felt great.

I can use my intuition when doing shoulders/tris…I know I’m being lazy but don’t feel like spending too much time completing this question

flat DB bench and decline: chest AS ???:legs

was thinking something like hack squats and weighted lunges.


kinda hard to make suggestions for leg training when you might have a hernia

If you have back problems you can do belt squats, leg extensions, leg curls and maybe leg presses.
Belt squat ->

You should do 1 set of 1 of driving to the surgeon for evaluation.

You mean hernia as in intervetebral disc hernia?

Or abdominal hernia?

Not sure if there is a such thing as “pre hernia” It either happens or it doesn’t. If you feel it in your groin… That would be an inguinal hernia. I had the same scare a couple yrs back and it ended up being just a strain in my groin area. Even when I walked putting my right leg forward hurt for a couple weeks. Just remember to breathe properly when doing any exercise and don’t hold your breath as pressure will build too much.

I’m not quite sure if there is such a thing either.

I spoke to a physician who is related to me who has been trying to get me to
stop lifting anything more than moderate weights for a while now.

It is not bad at all it started on the right side of my scrotum attachment area
it would hurt slightly when touched. Now the left side mildly hurts when touched.

I’ve been advised and for now decided to follow through on not lifting heavy weights
when standing.

So basically no more squats and deadlifts;
I like this new way of training been leaving the belt at home
and making use of the straps a lot more my appetite has been almost insatiable
with the volume/pump type workouts.