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exercise science schools

For all of you strength coaches and people in the know, which universities in the US have the best exercise science departments? I’m currently going to a juco in San Diego and was planning on transferring to SDSU, but might want to try for a more respected school. Also, how much do strength coaches make at the univ. level, what about professional?

USC is a better bet for out on the west coast. Obviously it matters what university you are at regarding salary, but regarding time put in and amount made, it is very low. This is why so many coaches go into the private sector.

Oregon State University has a good Exercise Science Dept. Pat O’Shea was a Professor there. Also Timothy White is the Dean of the College of Health and Human Performance. Also Corvallis is nice city and Sparticus and Silverado are only 90 mintues north…hehe.

From personal experience, DON’T go to the University of North Carolina - Greensboro (UNCG).

Any School that has a good Division I sport teams is usually a good rule of thumb. University of Miami has a great program…