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Exercise Science Programs(short)


You and I are going to show UConn what Exercise Science and Nutritional Biochemistry are all about!!!

I think we should start a T-Clan at Uconn. Anyone else up for joining us?


Whodda thunk there would be such a fine conglomerate of T-men and T-Vixens right in my own home state?!? 

I agree, a T-Clan should be formed in Storrs. 

Congrats EC, and welcome to UCONN, STORRS, CT, the home of the UCONN Huskies!
Cassanova, be sure to let us know when you'll be in town!


It’ll actually be a homecoming of sorts; I have family in Vernon/Rockville, so I’ve spent a lot of time there growing up.

Thanks to everyone for the congrats. Cass and I will be working hard to spread the T throughout the Greater Hartford area:)

The Kinesiology program at USC (Southern California) is very much in the stone age. They pretty much plug everything that goes against what this website agrees on (more weights, not as many carbs as those FDA moose-knuckles claim we need, etc). I also recall not one of my professors ever being even reasonably fit to any degree. None of the skinny-fat professors could even claim to be marathon runners.

i didnt even know USC had an exersice science program. is kinisieology the same exact thing? i may be attending there this fall but was gonna major in psychology, even though i wanna pursue a career in the fitness industry. would you avoid that program at all costs- or should i just grin and bear it and get that degree under my belt in order to make getting into the biz a bit easier?

Kinesiology is the study of movement. Exercise science is the study of the body’s response to exercise. Many EXS programs are subcategories within Kinesiology departments.

Thanks for the clarification…so the question remains, if someone is interested in the fitness industry (for me personally, id like to get involved with helping athletes on a team), would kinisieology be a good route to go? Or just the “next best thing” for a school that lacks a specific Exercise Sci program?

kinisieology or Exercise Sci would be fine But, try to find a school that deals w/ Human Movement a lot. I don’t know if there is a major for that but I know there are classes on it. Or even Biomechanics is a good area to study, Physics is extremly important in your feild espcially if you want train athletes.

In Health,

Silas Chen

Easy E,

You should have busted out your own thread, my man! That’s an absolutely outstanding accomplishment. I mean, you’ll get to meet Cassanova and all! Oh yeah, getting into UConn’s program is a decent step on your path also:-)

Just playing with you, E-C. You know you’re my bizzle, fo’ shizzle! I am pleased as punch that you are in like Flynn. Way to go, and I know you’re going to turn some heads and show your colleagues some things!

On a very much related note, E, hands off the merchandise, bro. I’ve heard that others have been instilling some not-so-gentlemanly ideas about the opportunity of being not only in the same state but essentially the same program as my girl Cass. Watch yourself, bro!:slight_smile:

Ah, T-Rock, my good man,

Kindly get your mind out of the gutter, your hand out of your pants, and wipe off your computer screen. Then take a cold shower:)

Have a marvelous day!