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Exercise Science or Exercise Physiology


I would like to train athletes as a living and having a hard time picking. Also maybe a degree in kinostology could work? Any feedback would be appriciated.


It's kinesiology.

Not off to a good start.


same field, different words written on a worthless piece of paper


A degree in kinesiology would be useful, even if you never learn a thing during the degree, the paper counts.


A degree in kinesiology or kinesics will help you get knowledge about human movement and the human body.

Try being more specific, what do you want feedback on?


But, what about excercise science? It sounds like it more specific to the field of what I want to do. I just don't want to pay for classes and end up leaving it because it not really related. Like for example kinesiology has to do with mvement which could help understanding of why thing occur but is it really worth it? Excercise science seems to me like its more applied to excercise and training.I heard they are the sme depending on the type of college it might say excercise science or kin?


I was an exercise major, however my adviser is the head of that department and said I really should only pursue that degree if I was interested in Physical Therapy school so I decided to switch to nutrition.

Obviously it has other applications than PT school but I guess that's the most common.


You should be able to get similar jobs with any of these majors although there is not a huge job field to choose from.

I have a degree in Health and Fitness Management with minor in Business.

I have been a Prgoram Director in the coporate sector for almost 8 years. I also personal train (athlete - general), teach bootcamp, and coach football.

I would start looking for possible internships at gyms catering to what you envision doing. That is the best way to get your foot in the door with this industry.