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Exercise Science Majors Unite!


Going into my junior year here. Got a little screwed on my schedule this semester so I'm going to be taking Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics at the same time so I've gotta make the best of it.

Any other kinesiology T-Nationers?


that's cool

I have seen your log and it is interesting stuff. You are a serious guy


i'm gonna be a sophomore this fall, and i'm concentrating in exercise physiology. might wanna minor in strength and conditioning.


I just switched from Exercise Science into Interdisciplinary Health Services.


Because some jack-off who knows a tenth about what I do about exercise theory can get certified by ACE or ACSM and do the exact same shit I'd spend 4 years and $40K to accomplish.

Plus, I really don't see stability long-term in the field. Sure, there's been a recent influx of health craze, but the internet is a powerful tool, and I know a hell of a lot of people who would rather read and online book than doll out $60/hr to tell someone how to bench press.


Right here, BS in Exercise Science from USC, class of 99, Trojans!


Three classes shy of a human physiology (exercise science at my university) degree.


Just getting back to the whole student gig this fall, heading for BS in Health Promotion, probably Ex Science Masters afterwards, at Colorado State. Go Rams!!


Going into fourth year Kinesiology at UWO


LOL, I didn't want to piss in everyone cherios, but I was thinking the same thing. If your good at what you do, you don't need that fancy degree me thinks. If your a shitty trainer, a degree isn't going to save you.



2011 Buckeyes rollin

I was an EX Sci boy until I realized all I wanted to do was PT not physical therapyy or any of that other stuff

I'm a psych kid now.....I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to grad school for O-Therapy or a doctorate in psych or both

I could be done by the time I'm 28 and be set


Sports Studies/Integrative Physiology, Junior year. Looking to be a strength coach at the college level.


Give me a little bit and I'll be there. I gotta finish my journalism degree so I can get my CSCS, then it's back for some biomechanic goodness.


2003 Kinesiology graduate from Université du Québec à Montréal, here!

Just to chime in with what SSC and Stuntman said about the field. I agree a ''fancy'' degree doesn't guarantee a trainer's ability, but it does guarantee knowledge which escapes most of the improvised trainers I see in the field all the time with their multiple ''fancy'' 2-weekend certifications.

A good trainer has instinct, human qualities to interact and get the message across AND complete knowledge of biomechanics, physiology and neurocinetics.

I can relate to what SSC said about people more willing to spend 10 hours a week reading on the web to get info (is there a more honest and bullshit-free source of info on training on earth?) than to pay the fees for a good trainer. However, I don't work with these folks, except when they get tired of browsing, smash their piggy bank and come to see me for program design. No, usually I work with people that make too much money per hour to waste their time with trials and error, or with the ones that need to be taught, to be coached to get it right. When the guy who refuses to pay you 60$ an hour so you can teach him how to bench press gets tired of being all-triceps-and-no-pecs, and that he sees or hear a kinesiologist coaching a client on how to do it properly...trust me...he's openning up his piggy bank when he gets home.


I'm in it to be a gym teacher, which you need a degree for before teacher's college. Plus as I'm really interested in the stuff, I'm actually loving going to school.


I'm looking at becoming a Physical Therapist, going to UT, exercise science major. Probably 2012. Sophomore.


'05 Ex Sci guy here.

I learned more on my own than I did in school, but school was still helpful with being a trainer.


UT, as in Univ. of Toledo?


3 semesters away from graduating with a kinesiology degree. not looking to be a personal trainer or a physical therapist. we will see what happens.


Had to do a year of a sports course(I did Leisure and Recreation management) to apply for the Exercise Science course I'm in now followed by suitable grades and interviews for suitability. I got it(thank god) but tbh it's more just to have something behind me before I go for law enforcement.