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Exercise replacement

Hey, i have a routine i’m about to begin, but i might want to replace one exercise with another, they’re both almost exactly the same except one has the tendency to produce more back strain then the other, well not much for me at least. Its the barbell row, bent over, you see it hurts my back a little when im bent over like that doing the row, but after the exercise my back is perfectly fine, in fact it helps, but i’m not exactly using heavy weight, i can’t lift much cause i’m a beginner, is this exercise bad for the back, or can i just switch to dumbbell row, what do ya think guys?
I have a strong back, but i don’t want to rune that.

Naw, it shouldn’t hurt your back if you do it right. Suck in your stomach while your still standing up, then bend by pushing the hips back, not by dropping the shoulders. Keep your shoulder blades pulled back and your head neutral. Try and keep you back as flat as you can, but make sure you still keep your stomach sucked in through the whole lift. I know that sounds complicated, but it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.