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Exercise Question

What is the exercise called when you hold a dumbbell in each hand, start with your arms at your sides, and then lift both of your arms up at the same time with your palms down until your arms are up near your chest and then lower them.

And what does this work? Triceps? Is it a good one?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASNNE44n_Zk ?

I believe you are referring to a lateral raise. It works the lateral deltoids, the outside portion of your shoulder. Decent exercise because a lot of people have anterior (front) delts that overpower the lateral ones and building your lateral delts is important for looking wider and having bigger shoulders. Shouldn’t be a main lift but no reason you can’t incorporate them.

reverse grip curls. I hear it mentioned in a lot of “bigger arms” articles. I think it works tri’s AND bi’s. Guys, am I right?

Are you standing? or lying down?

Are you bending at the elbow? shoulder?

Are you lifting your arms in front of you? or lifting them laterally ?

im pretty sure your talking about lateral raises. it works your shoulders. great exercise

The video you posted is close.

But instead of the arms going to the sides, they go straight in front of you, extending forward.

Front raise.