Exercise Program

I am getting ready to start the diet. I see that there is supposed to be an exercise plan in the forum but I can’t find it. I am new to this so maybe not looking in the right place??Thanks!

I could use that information also….following!

Check out this recent post by Chris Shugart:

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What equipment do you guys have? Going to a standard gym?

Sorry Chris! I found that post after I had already asked the question (of course). I have gone back and forth. I went to the local rec center for years. When COVID hit, I bought a peloton bike and we have some odds and ends around the house like kettle bells, some dumbbells. We recently purchased a band system for the house as well. However, I think I will probably just use the rec center. There is a weight room and a cardio room. I have just been doing some basic upper body / lower body work ( on separate days). I have never really had a great “program” that I follow so it might be helpful. Thanks!

Try weight training 3 days per week, full body each time. Stay in the heavish range where the last rep is super tough but doable. Let’s say 6-8 reps. Move quickly between sets and exercises. Be a little out of breath the whole time but not much that your next set or exercise is tanked. Use your Peloton for light easy rides every day or mix it up with brisk walks.


Perfect! Thank you!

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@Chris_Shugart - this is a little bit of a bummer. I’ve followed t-nation long enough to know that this is not an intentional miss. I fully believe you’re not intending to create a bad experience for people, but, this is the line directly from the sales page;

“T Nation includes a state-of-the-art exercise plan in the Velocity Diet forum that continuously updates with new workouts.”

So I spent $375 on the supplements pack and assumed that I’d find a recommended workout plan, or at least guidelines. I then spent 20 minutes with chat agents giving me the link to the sales page over and over. I felt like a crazy person until Jared was finally able to link me to this thread where it turns out it’s just lift weights and only do the prescribed cardio.

This feels like an impactful miss for new people and a super easy solve.

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I’ve emailed and messaged you a copy of the official V-Diet workout we used in the previous iteration. (Ignore the rest; it’s been updated. Just skip to the workouts.)

We found that most people wanted to do their own favorite flavor of training when doing the V-Diet, hence the general guidelines now. However, the plan I sent you is very good. Written by Dr. Chad Waterbury. I think you’ll find it to be very complete and challenging.

Thank you so much for taking the time to send this over, much appreciated!

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Hey Ad4m and Chris,
I’m the same. I’ve looked everywhere for this program. I remember doing this years ago and it worked. The workouts were achievable. Is there any chance I could get a copy too please of the workout?

Sent via private message!

I have my V-Diet downloaded, version 3.5.1.

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I wouldn’t mind checking out the workout plan also if that’s okay!

I’m going to be starting this next week. 100% dedicated no misses!

Is there anything else I should take? I don’t have the Superfood is that okay?

Should I be taking a multi??


Superfood fills in any nutritional gaps, which helps quell hunger as a bonus benefit. It’s not a must though.

Multivitamins are mostly worthless. Good article about that:

I’ll private message you the workout plan.

I did this originally with 3.0 - loved the workouts got incredible results. I’d love to do this program again and follow the same workouts that got me the results. Could you please send me a copy as well?

You bet.

Recently received the kit and am requesting the workout plan, please.

Can you send me the original Velocity Diet training program as well? I have used this in the past and it worked great.

I’m still waiting on my kit, and curious how to best to incorporate the Superfood supplement, which is also on the way. Dump it in a shake, or mix it and sip it separately?