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Exercise Plan for 78 and 80 Year Olds?

My wife is 78 and I shall 80 years old in a couple of months.
I had fairly physical work until I was 72 (sign fitting) and retired at 77.
We completed a course of sitting Pilates recently and want to go on to something a little more demanding but within our capabilities.
Can you recommend a program of exercise suitable for elderly people.
We have a Weider Abs Cruncher I bought many years ago but never really used very much and, a vibration plate bought recently to help with a circulation issue for my wife . It has never been used.
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We have both started experimenting with the Weider and would like a workout program to suit.
Can you help?

I would suggest focusing on functional exercises, ie, those that will improve the strength and coordination of movement patterns important in activities of daily living.

The movements for upper body are:
Horizontal press, eg, a bench-press-type movement
Horizontal row, like a rowing machine
Vertical (overhead) press
Vertical pull, similar to a pullup

And for lower body:
A squat, eg, a deep knee bend
A hinge, ie, bending over and picking the weight off the floor

Finally, a couple of sets with the Weider ab cruncher.

So, 7 exercises total. Doing 2 sets of each 3x/week (say, M-W-F) would be a good plan. Ideally, the exercises would be done with dumbbells rather than barbells or machines (promotes coordination).

It goes without saying that you would have to ease into this, and that you should consult your doctor first. If the prospect holds any interest for you, I and others would be happy to talk about specifics such as acquiring equipment and exercise performance. Best of luck reaching your goals.


What about diet? One of things I had to change when getting older was what goes in my mouth.