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Exercise Physiology

can any of you guys help me out? im looking to study Exercise Physiology at universtiy in america preferably in the new york/new jersey area, anyone have any ideas on any of the best univerties for that degree?

im coming over from England but i have a dual nationality american/english, and i finding hard to find universites.

I keep coming up with exercise science or kinesiology…are these the same as exercise physiology? im also intrested in nutrition would an Exercise Physiology degree include this? or would i have to minor in nutrion aswell?

so if anyone could recomend some god places for Exercise Physiology i’d appreciate it.

why can’t you come to alabama? not only do you get to party with holymac but we have a FANTASTIC football team that’ll knock your friggin knickers off.

if you’re really serious about that you can intern wit hthe strength/conditioning coaches here.

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