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Exercise Physiology

can any of you guys help me out? im looking to study Exercise Physiology at universtiy in america preferably in the new york/new jersey area, anyone have any ideas on any of the best univerties for that degree?

im coming over from England but i have a dual nationality american/english, and i finding hard to find universites.

I keep coming up with exercise science or kinesiology…are these the same as exercise physiology? im also intrested in nutrition would an Exercise Physiology degree include this? or would i have to minor in nutrion aswell?

so if anyone could recomend some god places for Exercise Physiology i’d appreciate it.

I’m not aware of any notable programs in New York / New Jersey area in kinesiology. As far as I know, you would have to go further north to UConn or west to Penn for ex phys / kinesiology.

Nutrition usually does not fall under the kinesiology umbrella. undergrads in nutrition are practically worthless. If you want to do nutrition, study biochem undergrad and specialize later.

To be fair, I could say the same thing about kinesiology and undergrad degrees. You won’t learn much worthwhile. If you plan to work on your Masters degree, I’d recommend just getting into the best science school you can and major in biology (if you want to do ex phys), biochem (if you want to do nutrition), or physics (if you want to do biomechanics).

Yes, here exercise science usually means exercise physiology. UMass Amherst, Ohio University and Indiana University come to mind. I know they’re not in the NY/NJ area, but they are good schools.

Exercise Science is typically an undergraduate program.

Exercise Physiology is typicall a graduate program.

Kinesiology can be an undergraduate or graduate program.

Kinesiology is the study of human movement.

Exercise Physiology is the study of the whole body systems during exercise.

They are connected but not the same.

check out SUNY Cortland, one of the biggest Exercise Science programs in the state

Rutgers has a program: http://www.exsci.rutgers.edu/

I did my master’s in ex phys at East Stroudsburg Univ. in eastern PA (a few miles from NJ). They have a good undergrad program: http://www4.esu.edu/academics/majors2/programs/exercise_science/exercise_science_phys.cfm

[quote]scubasteve2105 wrote:
check out SUNY Cortland, one of the biggest Exercise Science programs in the state[/quote]

boo, go Ithaca College :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]IronAbrams wrote:
scubasteve2105 wrote:
check out SUNY Cortland, one of the biggest Exercise Science programs in the state

boo, go Ithaca College :P[/quote]

Usually ithaca wins out… but cortland actually has a better program.
PS there is awesome greco roman wrestling there in the club circuit.


The football team I worked with beat Ithaca in the first round of the NCAA, but was mauled by Courtland the following week.

thanks, i notice that with alot of the schools exercise phsiology is only open to those with a bs degree or already in school for 2 years…so what do you study first then??