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Exercise Physiology References

Hey people!

Long shot, but I was wondering whether anyone could hook me up with some academic references.

I am developing an exercising device as part of an IT degree and the references are needed to justify some of the design features that I have included.

I need one that discusses that bigger physical movements require more energy.

The other reference I need should discuss the importance of exercising in all the anatomical planes of the body.

They sound pretty common sense but the academic references help gain better marks. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Have you tried searching the online journal databases like pubmed.com?

There are loads of different journals of physiology, does your university library stock any?

Your university might even have a subscription to some other journal databases that allow you to search and read the whole article. you might want to try there.

Some of my Favorites in the realm of Physiology:

Guyton and Hall “Medical Physiology” (has a section devoted to exercise physiology)

Groppler,Smith and Grodd “Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism”

ACSM “Advanced Exercise Physiology”

I agree though that the internet will have more than enough in peer review articles.

Yeah I have tried searching journal databases but I end up with irrelevant results…most likely due to me not knowing the exact terms to enter.