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Exercise Physiologist's salary

Does anyone know what the average salary is for a person with a masters degree in exercise phys.?

depends on where you work and what you do. dont expect a whole lot though. Professors at most universities(PhD) only make in the mid 40’s at best.

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I would guess that it’s totally related to what you intend to do with it. The salaries of exercise physiologists in academia are generally available on the internet. If you don’t wish to remain in an academic setting (i.e., be a professor) there is little financial benefit to be gained by doing a PhD.

Your salary is only dependent on what you choose to do with your knowledge. There are those that make $40,000 and there are those that we’d consider rich.

This topic reminded me of something a Prof. said to me a while ago which I thought was relevant. Basically he said that although it plays a role in everyone’s decision making process, money (or a job) should not be the main reason to do a Master’s. You should only consider doing a Grad degree if you have a strong desire to do research in the field. If you do not have that desire then you may be better off looking elsewhere.

Goldberg, I don’t know what institutions you are talking about but here in Ontario high school teachers make in the low 70s/per year and that is with a basic degree and teachers college. PHds at the university level are making six figures.

PHds at the university level are making six figures. [/quote]

Not necessarily. That’s not the norm.

Six figures is definitely not the norm. My prof worked at LSU, FSU, and Wake Forest.

I have always wonderd what the hell a exercise Physiologist’s does?..i mean there are ton of professors at my school who are exercise Physiologist’s and they dont even look like they exercise??..its confusing to me…becuase most successfull strength coaches i see have just P.E. degress witha cscs…someone explain…bm

BigMartin… Its not really whether they look like they exercise or not… I mean at the hospital I work at there are some FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT cardiac surgeons and when i say fat i mean obese… youd think if they would have more incentive not to be fat than anyone considering that they see people die everyday and no small part is played by obesity. THey perform operations on these people yet seemingly it doesnt register or something…

as for what exercise physiologists do… this is not the answre you want at all… but it depends on who they are and what their role is… one guy at my uni, is doing a stuff with heart enzymes blahblahblah for rehab exercise programs for cardiac patients etc…

You/we look at things from a performance enhancement view… but we must recognize that a far more important aspect is stuff like i mentioned above…

this is not saying that they all do that… but atleast some of them do…

as for the others…

i have no idea??? do they just give lectures etc…???

i dont think they do it for the money, if thats what you are getting at…

mine wrote the definitive paper on type II diabetes and exercise. his wife is also the cardiac rehab guru in our area. so he does work with that. He does a lot of running but knows next to nothing about lifting. as far as technical info though hes the man.

An exercise physiologist administers graded exercises tests, 12 lead EKG, writes exercise prescriptions, and sometimes does a lot of work in a cardiac department.

What do most people that post here do when their not at the gym? Are you in college, work, etc.?

“An exercise physiologist administers graded exercises tests, 12 lead EKG, writes exercise prescriptions, and sometimes does a lot of work in a cardiac department.”


To me that sounds like a clinical exercise physiologist. However, not one of the physiologists I know (and I know plenty) do that.

Wow, I didn’t think this thread would start such a conversation. I’m not totally worried about the money, but I am curious how much I am gonna make. I will probably be going towards a clinical exercise physiologist.

Wow, this topic is right up my alley. I’m entering my last year of school next fall and have been thinking for a long time that I would go straight through for my Masters and Doctorate in Exercise Physiology. As I got further and further along, however, I realized how much I dislike lab work (with all of the chemistry, physics, and other labs I’ve had to take), and I know that most EP’s in the university setting are buried in research all the time. So I’ve started rethinking my plan and seeing if there’s anything else I can do in sports medicine. One guy I’ve talked to is actually going into chiropractics at a school up in St. Loius (Logan’s I think?), so that’s something I’ve started considering. I hear you can do quite well for yourself with a private practice. Only drawback is building the client base and there’s always the fear of malpractice. So who knows…I gotta find something fast though, I’m running out of time.

If you’re after money in ex phys research, you need to be well versed in molecular techniques. Exercise physiology research is absolutely dying…
If research is not your thing then no problem!

Go to medical school. At least thats what I did.

Nonteaching, no internship type degree is the most worthless of all! Actually, that’s what I have, a B.S. in Kinesiology which is the same as exercise physiology except for a couple advanced exercise physiology classes. You’d think it’d be easy to snatch a personal training job, esp when I have CSCS and am working on 2nd BS in nutrition to prepare for masters in exercise physiology & sports nutrition but no… I absolutely hate those commerical gyms whose managers are obsessed with kissing clients asses for as much money as possible and they probably didn’t think i’d be good at that part b/c I’m hearing impaired or they just don’t want to deal with a deaf employee. You can make alot of money but you’d have to work extremely hard and have your own private practice. Long hours, no social life for the most part but make tons of money in the end or work short hours, have social life, and make little money…