Exercise Mats

Hey all, anyone recommend a type of exercise mat? I’d prefer one of those puzzle type ones so I can get the size just right for the area I have available. It’s strictly for weight lifting so nothing too cushy but cushy enough to hopefully protect the floor beneath.


You can pick up those types of mats at Target and Wal-Mart. They are okay for certain uses, but if you have a power rack or more durability, you may need to pick up some thicker mats like you can get from a feed store. They come in 4’ x 6’ and 1/2" thick. They weigh about 100lbs, but they work great.

I second the Walmart recommendation. NOTE: do not buy the black mats in the sports/exercise area of Walmart. Instead, go to the Auto section and grab the shop mats. SAME quality & size, but you’ll pay a few bucks less. Apparantly, labeled as ‘exercise mats’ means you can uptick the price. At least that’s what they’ve done at my local Walmart.