Exercise List and How To

I was hoping someone could show me where I could find a listing of what exercises hit what muscle groups and also a site that shows how to perform said exercises.

I found a site that does list some exercies per what muscle group you are focusing on at chap.com/wht-ref.htm

But, i’d rather it list the exercise and it show me what all groups I’m hitting… mainly because I’d like to do more complex exercises that hit more than one group.

And then I found the following website from vroom’s are you a beginner II thread: http://www.uwlax.edu/strengthcenter/videos/video_index.htm

which shows how to perform certain exercises but doesn’t really list what groups each hits. I know a lot of times it’s somewhat common sense what muscles are being worked, but a complete listing with a how to would be extremely helpful to us newbies I think… especially for those of us trying to do CW’s TBT workout and want to have the variation that he promotes.

Any help is greatly appreciated. You guys rock!

I’d check out www.exrx.net. They have some decent mini-videos of the movements, and are categorized by bodypart.

Also, if there’s a particular movement, try searching around here too. Odds are it’s been used in one of the programs already. Is there any specifc exercise you’re wondering about?

Well there are 2 that I’m concerned with, but like I said I want to see a list of more so that I can have more variation.

The two I’m mainly concerned with is the dead lift and the row. I just worry that my form is off on this because sometimes after doing these my back hurts or just feels rather uncomfortable for maybe like 30 seconds or so and then also later when lying in bed. The article I read on the deadlift says to keep your back straight but this seems like a pretty difficult task to do the lift, or am i reading into something too much?

deadlift-grab a long straight bar,use one under-hand grip and one over-hand grip,squat down,keep your but a little lower than your hips,keep your shoulders back and you back FLAT,push with your legs(you can pull a little with your arms when you first start out)until you are standing straight up,push your chest out(aka lock-out)and squat back down all in a controlled manner

db rows-get a db and go to a flat bench,put the db in the left hand,place your right hand and knee on the bench(for stability mostly)let your left hand hang down,now pull your arm up until the db is even with your chest,lower slowly,repeat with opposing hand

anything else lemme know

just google “dedlift exercise” and youre bound to find at least ONE site that offers a video.

dont bother reading how to do it, watch and perfect it that way.