Exercise Induced Asthma

I think I have exercise induced asthma but I never been tested by a doctor. Symptoms are especially noticeable during cold weather, and they include coughing and wheezing after running. Can anyone with EIA associate with these symptoms. Does albuterol help?

Yes, albuterol and other beta agonists do help with exercise-induced asthma. Your best bet is to see your doctor to establish whether you actually have EIA or the more benign reactive airway disease.

Ask your doc about a drug called cromalyn (?sp). It prevents the attacks and has no side effects.

I might be an allergie to something as well,
(runnig outside can “induce” it do to the fact of high pollonation and all sorts of other things in the air. Just make sure you take care of the symptoms fast. I was diagnosed with EIA and walking Phneumonia after fighting w/two bouts of regular Phneumonia when I was in the Marine Corps (99-2002) the stuff leads to all sorts of nasty shit like cavated lungs, hypoxemia etc. Oh by the way albuterol works great, just be careful with it because it can greatly increase your supposed endurance and pain threshold…My personal experience with albuterol was good but i was taking all sorts of shit with it like leviquin amoxicillan etc…oh by the way watch your lbm…make sure you don’t lose anything.

I would see your doc as there are soooo many asthma drugs out there. I do take Albuterol with a steroid for my asthma…I personally think that Albuterol burns fat. I’m lean as it is at 7%, but I’ve noticed it more since I started taking it. By the way…I say talk to your doc because if you have asthma, they can prescribe stuff to combat it all day as opposed to albuterol that usually only lasts 4 hours…

Well, are drugs seen as the solution to every single problem these days?Just curious…

I have asma and I find that cardio trigers it, but weight training usually doesn’t. Some food’s can also worsen it.

You could also do some research around the web and dedicate some time finding what else you can do about it, besides taking drugs. I’d advise starting with mercola.com.

I too have asthma and when I was a kid and played soccer, I also had EIA. What I did to avoid any problems as a kid (didn’t take asthma drugs then), was breath through my nose and out through my mouth. Breathing in cold air through your mouth aggravates EIA and makes it harder to breath.

What I do now to keep my asthma under check is keep a close eye on my BF%. The higher my BF% (from 12 and above), my asthma becomes a issue. Food allergies can affect asthma. Eating a big meal late at night, before bed, can affect asthma. LOTS of carbs can affect asthma.

I also find HIIT helps lessen any problems. Which is why I keep up with the jump rope and heavy bag training. Boxing has helped, too. MA helped in the past, also. I agree with Restless, more drugs ain't the answer. Most drugs mask the problem. Find a solution, drug-free, too.

Thanks for the info guys, I may eventually get to a doc to get it checked out. Albuterol doesnt sound like bad shit, increased pain threshold, burn fat, hummm. Thanks again.