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'Exercise in a Pill'


Can't wait for this one...


Yes indeed, it was only a matter of time. I'm disappointed in humanity...


Why? The medical uses of this drug could have a profound effect on people with debilitating conditions. This can greatly improve the quality of life for a great many people, my nursing-home-bound grandmother included.

What about a 10 year old kid with a congenital heart condition who can't exercise for fear of dying of a heart attack?

Are you concerned that somehow, the hard work you've put into your physique and health will be worth less if other people are helped by this?



Is it possible to invest in a drug? As so I can reap the benefits that millions of people will buy into this.


I should have clarified. If the drug is for medical use, then wonderful. I know a few people that could benefit from it.
I'm referring to the people who will use it so they never have to go to the gym.

It's hard enough to find people nowadays that have any drive or passion for anything remotely labor intensive. Whether it be working out, cooking healthy meals, or just working in general. Everyone at my workplace spends more time and effort trying to get out of doing work, than actually doing work.


It could be used in a negative way also. Think of people with eating disorders. Easy way to get skinny and feed into their disorder.


Plus, the mice that were on the drug still exercised to be able to run "68 percent longer and 70 percent farther than other mice that exercised but didn't get the drug". So, to REALLY get the most out of the drug you have to still exercise. I agree this being useful for people that are really disease ridden etc.

To anyone;
Will fat people exercise even after taking the drug? Probably not. If they are not exercising now, no drug will make them, even when they are already taking 5 different ones for this and that. I bet this will be banned so quickly by sports organizations.

Just the way that I see it.


Yea, it's called investing in the company who produces the pill as the pill can't make itself (fucking Canadians)


Can I barrow enough money to own at least 51% equity? I think I just blew you away with that.


Fuzzy! You a 'Nuck?

I think people (the fatties) will take this pill. After all they say they want to be in shape but spend all their time and money looking for that one stop shop answer. A magic bullet if I may. So I can foresee the fatties of America grabbing this pill by the handful hoping it works. When they dont see immediate results they'll stop using it.

I think for the pill to really be effective you still need to exercise and eat right. The mice did anyway.

Human testing awaits.


No he was talking about the blind, 1 legged, 1 armed kid with cerebral palsy, diabetes and a heart condition that can't exercise and gains weight uncontrollably. There are billions of people on the planet, obviously the OP brought this article up to discuss how the great percentage of those who are americans will use this drug because they are lazy as shit.

The whole idea behind drugs is so fucking retarded, especially when you are talking about problems that aren't really problems such as restless leg syndrome as well as problems that should be solved in other ways such as obesity.

Drugs fix one problem and cause several others. Its a karma thing. There is no way you are going to reap massive benefit from doing nothing with there being no negative tradeoff.


The "magic pill" is AICAR.

You can get it online at the usual research chemical distributors.


And no, I haven't tried it.


have you researched the company? I'll draw up a contract for you to peruse and sign before I loan you any money you wish to invest ... of course I'll be the one who actually owns the 51% until you pay off the loan with interst .. and since it's a high risk venture, the interest I'll charge will be high as well, probably in the 20% range ... and if you don't pay I know knee smashers in Canadia


to all the fat people may i recommend viagra? it will do the same thing get your blood flowing and heart racing, i believe that should be good enough

haha some fat fucks are going to OD on that shit


To obese people who think that a pill will solve their problems, I vote we give them DNP to bring them back to reality.


Exactly. Thank you.


Is it possible to die from Viagra? I've heard the warnings and all but never heard of death.Death by boner. AHHA


Also, the article's opening sentence is talking about how this is a "Couch Potato's" dream. I don't doubt that this pill, if successful in human clinical trials will get the fat person marketing first as opposed to a life-saving slant.


If you're fat and you dont want to be anymore, then do coke.

Just make sure its not confectioners sugar, or you'll get fatter.


sorry i was refering to the OD off the magic pill, and end up fucked up, i mean i have come across many people that went OD on alcohol, insulin, or whatever and are now comatose (in a coma like state) so if the fat fucks do overdose on this pill, which they will, i wonder if that will get it pulled off the shelves


you know what i just remembered; that someone can die from viagra or any of those drugs