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hi i am new to this site but have been prowling it for years lol. i am a semi pro baseball player and ive been training exclusively almost 2 years in a deadlift/olympic lift variation.

eric cresseys and others view on DL, and this guy who connects olympic 3x with pitching, Training Articles Archives - TopVelocity

heres some videos on my form and i’d like some critique no sympathy please. DL trap 405 DL conv 325 FS 260 Clean 205 i dont like to BS cause of the torque on my elbows… i have done some sessions with bands (no chains i need some) … i try alot of different mobility exercises like suitcase DL or SL squat and i do love intra set jumps like CT talks about

IMG_3205.MOV - YouTube (this is 145 working on cleanliness)

i never tried a power clean but ill work that into my program as this month i start throwing the ball using triple 3x

i eat real well but lack veggetables is there a thread on this site with good reciepes?? ill google it

and i focus on water and my supplements are oils, creatine m, Xtend, and whey protien

working on FS on pins jumped me from 235 to 260 in 30 days so i wish i had proper bands to enhance that exercises or actually chains… hmm… i tried deficit DL with bands and i gained 10 lb of PR but when i tried for 20 i had problems on the floor… i assume this is a ROF issue or techique?
i enjoy the knowledge and progression around here, and wish to be part of the group in all aspects of the site lol thanks. 2011 i was 185 with 315 on trapbar, 40 lb pull up, 185 FS and i cleaned maybe 145

i am now 190 and nearly added %40 to all lifts (also 100lb push up for x2) and last year my 60yd was a 6’9s im sure i can nail it lower this month will be almost a full year since my result data from last year… i was also 84-87 i am hoping to now be 88-92 mph on my fastball with sound mechanics.

this site is extremely helpful, thanks everyone for their inputs

just to add, this guy also has helped me with the mobility in my sides and shoulders, hes fking great in my opinion he does all kinds of mobilities, K is super knowledgable about pathology and nervous system physiology

drew r.

bump/ idk if this is the correct thread for this?