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Exercise for Tricep Long Head

Hey guys,

Been following the website for a while but never actually contributed to the discussions on the forums, but I was hoping to get some advice as I can’t really find an answer on the website.

I feel like my long tricep head is lagging compared to the lateral head, and I know that skullcrushers are the best to help the long tricep head, but they hurt the area around my elbows a lot, and I don’t want to aggravate this and risk a more serious injury.

What would be the next best exercise after skullcrushers for emphasising the long head of the tricep with less damage to my elbows? Would overhead cable extensions with the rope attachment be a good one or is that lateral?

In general what would be a good all round tricep workout consisting of 3 exercises (I train triceps on my back day)? I’m definitely doing close grip bench, and I do dips with my chest workout 3 days later, so just need 2 more exercises to make it a good all round workout.

I was thinking close grip bench, pulldowns (or reverse grip pulldowns?) and a substitute for skullcrushers.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

PJR pullovers. Best long head exercise there is IMO

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
PJR pullovers. Best long head exercise there is IMO[/quote]

Another good variation would be doing them on the floor with an EZ bar. You can pause at the bottom and also use less weight if that is an issue.

The long head of the triceps is best targeted when doing overhead movements! The more stretch you get in the exercise the better. So overhead extensions done with dumbbells, barbells and rope are the best when hitting the long head is the goal. Just try it out and see for yourself.

Personally I feel the overhead extension seated on a low back bench and using one dumbbell with both hands is what gives me the most bang for the buck. It’s also easier on my wrists than when done with a barbell.

Every now and then I do the skull crusher on a falt bench in a pullover hybrid version. I start with letting the bar drop behind my head towards the floor for a good stretch. I then rep out as many as I can get behind my head, not letting the bar coming overhead. When I no longer can get a full rep I convert to standard skull crushers lowering to my forehead and rep out. To finish off I do presses until total positive failure.

It might total up to 25-35 reps and the pump is unreal :slight_smile:

Bottom line here is to work the muscle from a stretched position overhead to reach the long head.

Good luck! :slight_smile: