Exercise Examples to Prevent Injuries

Hi all,

I wanted some recomendation to keep my shoulders, knees and back healthy.
My routines include bent over laterals, glute bridges and face pulls. I wanted to hear which exercises you guys include your routines to prevent injuries especially shoulders. I need some exeercises like face pulls because it really helps me with my popping shoulders. Im currently following wendlers 531 and want to add some healthy exercises to my workout for the assistances

Thanks in advance.

You’ve already listed some good ones.

I would add side-lying clams as knee health is more correlated with strength of the external rotators than either quad or hammie strength.

2nd vote for clam shells

Scarecrows are good too. A lot like face pulls, just different.

Face pulls are the bomb. I struggled for a decade with shoulder pain, but when I started doing facepulls, the pain went away after a week.

I had been doing those silly L-fly exercises with cables to no effect until I discovered face pulls.

If everyone did bird dogs, side bridges, and McGill curl ups it would put me out of business.