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Exercise/Diet Logs

so what maks up a good exercise and diet log. I mean besides writing down what you do in the gym and what you eat? Is that it? Any tips?

Be consistent and write down all the details of your workout…how you felt that day, rest between sets, sets/reps performed. Same goes for diet…cals/protein/carbs/fat and time.

Record information that will help you improve. Training, Nutrition and Regeneration are all important. I have my athletes record:

AM values - rhr, temp, weight, sleep, fatigue, stress

Training info (sets,reps,time,etc)

Nutrition info (P,C,F, cals, meals/day)

Hydration info - “in” AND “out”

Active/passive recovery info - sauna, ibuprofin, ice, e-stim, etc.

Supplement info

Also included are goal sheets, routines and/or routes page, equipment & settings, season results, basic P,C,F and cal guide, competition checklist.

It should be easy to access info (weekly and monthly summaries), small enough to take anywhere and sturdy. It’s only worth something if you not only use it regularly, but review the info to move you towards your goals.

It only takes about 5 min a day (max!) and is one of our more valuable training tools. Make it a habit.