Exercise Descriptions

Hey all,

I’m close to starting OVT part 1 and there are alot of exercises that I’ve never heard off and alot that I want to make sure I’m doing correctly. The problem is I’m having a hard time finding the descriptions anywhere.

I tried using the search but I couldn’t find anything so i’m hoping i’m doing something wrong and somebody out there could tell me how to use the search better or if you could list a few articles that I need to check out.


Just tell us the exercises you’re not familiar with and we’ll try to help.


Ok I found descriptions for variations on the deadlift and squat but I’m having having trouble finding these ones:

A) 1 arm rowing
B) Decline triceps extension
C) Lying triceps extension
D) Incline lateral raise
E) Incline rear delt raise

If you could describe it to me or show me an article that has it, that would be great.


bump please.

I’ve been looking for several of these as well. Look at CT’s back article at t-mag for the rear delt raise.

Thanks for the help gulf coast t-man, I guess the incline lateral raise would be similar?

I still havn’t got a clue about the tricep ones. Anybody have any ideas?


just type in “tricep extension” into the search engine, making sure that T-mag is the place being searched.

first article should be an Ian King tricep article, extensions are described there.

If you know what a skull crusher is, thats it. just use a decline bench for the declines and an incline bench for the inclines.

hope that helps.

missed the lat raise question, sorry.

incline lat raise, sit on an incline bench (like normal, not on your stomach like for the delt raises), perform lat raise.

type “Lateral raise” into the search engine and search T-mag for it. first hit should be lateral thinking for big shoulders or something like that.


Thanks that helped a lot!