Exercise Descriptions for WSSB

can someone please give me a description of these  drills?

its from wssb2

20-yard pro-agility shuttle �?? 3 reps starting to the left, 3 reps starting to your right. Rest 30 seconds between reps.
3-cone drill �?? 5 reps, rest 1 minute between reps.
Illinois drill �?? 3 reps (The goal is to complete all 3 reps in under 15 seconds. Rest 2 min. between sets.)


But because I’m a nice guy…

20 yard pro agility- 3 cones, in a straight line 5 yards apart, start at middle cone and run to the right cone, tap the ground, run the the farthest left cone, tap the ground, finish at center

actually, im not so nice and im only telling you one drill…

LOOK AT THE NFL COMBINE VIDEOS!! BOTH the pro agility and 3 cond drill are there!

lol ya sorry i found all the descriptions.