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Exercise Critique Please

I started training approximately 4 months ago, and have seen a decent improvement in what I’m able to do (was only capable of doing a mere 20 (struggling) pushups and now can knock out 70ish huzzah)).

I am in need of critique of my current workout routine; I tend to alter items every few workouts but more or less the volume looks like this. For instance this past week (3 days a week):

4/6-8 - wide grip benchpress
3/10-12 - decline dumbbell press
4/10-12 - cable flyes
3/10-12 - dumbbell presses
weighted dips
pullups & chinups
5/15-20 - decline tricep extensions

towards the end I toss in situps, back extensions, and oblique extensions

4/5 - Deadlifts
4/8 - wide grip pullups (unweighted)
4/6-8 - dumbbell rows
4/10 - upright rows
weighted dips
pullups & chinups
preacher curls

towards the end I toss in situps, back extensions, and oblique extensions

Usually my leg day, in which I will also focus on another muscle group such as shoulders, lats, etc.

All in all, I’m certain my routine has got to be lacking in a lot of areas, I just need some help identifying which, and what I should consider improving.

My general diet:

usually consists of egg whites, can of tuna, oatmeal, almonds, and milk/whey.


usually a conscientious lunch consisting of some broiled or baked fish, brown rice if possible, or lean chicken

chicken, brown rice, broccoli etc.

cottage cheese, Metabolic Drive, zma.

My daily water intake is only about 50oz. If i’m training that day it’s usually a gallon or so.