Exercise Combinations for Bodyparts

I’m putting together a routine for myself, and I’m wondering, where I can find out where the best bundle of exercises for mass and strength can be found.

What I mean is, if I were to put in 3 bicep excercises for my arm day, then hammer curl, straight bar curl and preacher’s curl. Would those be a good combo? Or perhaps DB Curl…etcetera, you understand what I mean.

I’m looking on a resource for good exercise combinations.



PS - By that I mean read some article on arm training or whatever. Pick your favorites. so long as you put hard work into it it will work.

Thanks. I just put together my stuff for arm days.

I’ve been working everything out for a while now but, I found so many different arm exercises, I wasn’t sure which new ones I should throw in.

In my training journal, I just wrote them all down and I’m going to mix and match.

I always lift heavy, real heavy and go for 8-12, so I don’t think any of this shit could hurt me.

I just only really have time for 3 sets on each exercise.

What a coinkydink. We just put together a thread over in Beginners with the three best exercises for each bodypart:

[quote]Sikkario wrote:
I always lift heavy, real heavy and go for 8-12, so I don’t think any of this shit could hurt me.

I just only really have time for 3 sets on each exercise.[/quote]

Relevant Side Note: Steve Reeves, the classic, aesthetic muscular physique, recommended alternating cycles of two exercises per bodypart for 3x8-12 and three exercises per bodypart for 2x8-12. Might be worth trying out.

The “best” exercises are going to be the ones that allow you personally to make the most rapid gains in strength while maintaining good form, and focus most directly on the target muscle group.

For Serge Nubret, the flat barbell bench press was the best (and at times, the only) chest-building exercises he used.

A different person with a different body type may use mostly their triceps, or mostly their deltoids when flat bench pressing… and so for them, a dumbell bench press, or cable fly might be better.

You need to just pay your dues in the gym and find that handful of key exercises that work for you.

My advice is to start with the basics and branch out from there on an as-needed basis. Meaning, you only need to change something if it isn’t working for you.

Here is what I consider the basic bodybuilding exercises:

Back Squat
Bench Press
Military Press
Close Grip Bench
Barbell Row
Barbell Curl
Calf Raise

If you really want to find out, formulate a simple strength training template based around those traditional exercises. Stay consistent with it for several months, and then check your progress and see what is working, and what isn’t.
Change what isn’t.

If you dont know what the best exercises are, then you`re NOT ready to design your own routines.

Mi dos pesos.

I already have stuff I do. My three exercises for chest, are incline and flat, db press and bench press and db flies.

I have stuff I know and use often, and I’ve put on some really significant strength.

But, I’m looking to add more concentration lifts for body parts in my routine.

I don’t follow a set program, and I’m not trying to design my own program. I do 3 days on and 1 day off, lift heavy as hell, and work all my power lifts then the other day, i work on my body weight work and then concentrate on a body part. I’m just trying to mix it up.

I’m not interested in getting on 12 WEEKS TO F*ING AWESOME, I’ve looked at these programs and seen the guys I know who are on them. And alot of them are always switching programs because something is better, or something less else is going to do this or whatever.

I think just doing my 3 day on 1 day off, and always going heavier, and adding more shit and lifting quicker, has been working well for me, so I’ll stick with it.

I learn as I go, and lately pretty much anything has been having an effect on me, so when I get cut down to nothing and put on some serious strength, then I’ll probably going on a hyper trophy program.

But right now I’m happy where I’m at.

Search for HSS on T-Nation, Thibs has some great lifts listed.

Or google ´list of Dogcrap approved exercises´
(but spell Dogcrap correctly)