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Exercise Bike at Desk?

Does anyone have any experience with using an exercise bike while working at a desk?

I work from home so I can set up desk however I want. Im a website designer so I spend all my working day at the computer.

Has anyone tired this out? From googling it seems more people are using treadmills than bikes.

PS Sorry if Iâ??ve posted this in the wrong place, I wasn’t sure where to put it.

Haha. This has little if nothing to do with weightlifting, but:

I have a friend whom I raced with all summer, he also works at a computer. All his hours on the bike were done at his desk. He just rode easy for hours while he worked.

Not had to do if you set it up right.

I used to do calf raises at my desk. But I always seemed to forget to do them, so I gave up :S