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Exercise Bank


Hey guys...I am compiling a bank or list of exercises broken down their dominant movements. (Quad dominant, hip dominant, vertical push, vertical pull, horizontal push, horizontal pull, twist, etc...) Help me put together a great list of exercises, and I will organize them and repost so that we all can use it....

So lets start posting your favorites...



Oh you better believe that the shake weight will be in the total bod cat...LOL


This should be in the beginners forum as EVERYONE here should know what the basic movements needed are


This is not for basic movements Futur10n...But just to pump your ego, you are right, everyone here should know of basic exerciseed through all planes of motion, but we all might know of some exercises that work well for us that some of us have not used. If you dont want to participate then why reply??? Just asking hater!!!


you haven't even participated yet OP


Sure, brian.m...compiling a list currently. Will post when completed.


Dumb, because everyone is different.

One of my friends only gets a quad pump when he squats, I only feel it in my glutes/hams.

Deadlifting he only feels it in his hips and hammies, mostly in my lower and upper back for me.

I mean, what's the point anyway?



Muscle dominance and Limb length need to be factored in.

Just for the record I'm not a "Hater". It's just that your idea is stupid.

People will get big off of the BASICS. You stated that everyone here should know the BASICS.
So therefore your list isn't needed.

The exercise tweaks that are described on another site, known as "getting weird with it" are for the advanced bodybuilder. Now first of all you don't sound like one thus your opinion in these little tweaks is irrelevant, UNLESS you have spoken to some pretty big guys who have used them to improve their weak bodyparts.

Just don't get let the fact that I'm a "hater" get in the way of your general ignorance


Ok guys you win. Dumb idea...no more will be posted about it. Peace.


I see what your trying to do here, op. good on you for trying to do something productive on the boards. your best approach might be to do some reading (forums, not articles) and compile a list of uncommon variations that people have said "work" and post it in the beginners forum. most of the guys that post regularly on the BB forum know whats going on already.

a popular move around here is the PJR pullover. not commonly seen in commercial gyms but anyone who has tried them for an extended period of time can attest to their awesomeness. there are tons of exercises like this posted on the boards, a list of them and some good descriptions might not be a horrible idea. sometimes i spend like a half hour searching through CC: how do you train, just to find a post where he describes a specific move.


Just to add something useful to this thread :slight_smile: you can check out all the "Alpha Cell Roundtable's" in the T-Cell alpha forum for good suggestions and your money maker exercises for certain bodyparts.

Also, if you pick a good split that utilises say 2-3 exercises per bodypart, it won't take too long to discover which ones work and which don't (which as has been said is unique to each individual).

As an example with myself; I can't hit my chest very well with flat bb benching, so I discovered slight decline which works great. Also, my delts/biceps irritate me when I do incline bb benching, so I do dumbbells for them. Some people can't target their back too well with pullups, so they do pulldowns, or change their grip...the list goes on.


thats the thing, its not just each individual exercise, its how each individual Performs the exercise. There are countless variations, posture changes, body part strengths and weaknesses etc that will all come into effect.

For example, I used to find dumbell rows 'useless' for back...now I am growing off them. Partially because of slightly different technique and positioning, and partly because now I can actually feel whats going on back there so I can put the focus on what I want/need.

That being said sometimes it can be handy to have an organized list at hand if you are blanking out trying to think of something etc.