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Exercise Balance & Shoulder Health

I’m hoping to start up training in a month or two after 1 year of recurring shoulder problems.

Now until then im just trying to think what the most sensible exercise set up would be, to ensure I can safely train my upper body without causing imbalances again.

I’ve read a couple things, for example, Mark Rippetoe says the key to shoulder health is 1 vertical pressing movement for every horizontal pressing movement.

On the other hand, Joe Defranco has 3 horizontal pressing movements and only 1 vertical (and sometimes doesnt even do vertical) in his WS4SB3 program. Yet has people doing shrugs 2x a week, maybe that helps?

Am I looking too much into this? I am just trying to come up with a somewhat conversative program I can follow for a couple months until I’m sure my shoulders are iron-clad.