Exercise and My Effort

Just out of curiosity, what number would you give this exercise(Landminehacksquat) on the RPE chart?

greetings from Austria :blush:

Umm not to be difficult, but Rate of Perceived Exertion is usually a self-indicator… not sure how anyone else is capable of determining how many more Reps In Reserve you had.

It’s like me asking you how much you think I enjoyed my dinner.

that’s why I would be interested in how it looks from the optical point of view for others

First 2 or 3 reps looked very easy , last two very hard.

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I’d say 8.5…you had one more in for sure (would have been a grind)… mayyyyyybe 2


@decimation @Christian_Thibaudeau

thank you for your estimate

I always find it interesting how it feels sometimes and when you look at the video you think “wtf”, looks a lot easier

but I think your assessment is good, purely from the feeling I would have said 8-8.5 RPE with a tendency to RPE 8 … but definitely a grinder :sweat_smile:

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