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Exercise After an Angiogram?

One of my family members had an angiogram done (they went in through her groin area) recently and she has gained weight due to lack of exercise and medication that causes weight gain. What kind of exercise can she do? I know there must be some kind but I am unsure since the only exercises I have knowledge of require you to be on your feet.

I take it she’s in a wheel chair? No reason not to hit the gym then.

My mate Dave trains his ass off in the gym (well he’d train his ass off if he had one - Pelvis and everything below has been removed).

Personally I think this is a slightly extreme way to get out of doing squats but then he’s a crazy guy.

Anyhow, he does lots of DB work - Shoulder press, flies, curls, tricep extentions. All those things could be done at home too.

There’s also a grappling rope that he works out on and the bench press machines come in handy too.

We are working on a design for a wheel chair that he will be able to tip backwards so his body is horizontal so he doesn’t have to get out of his chair to do bench press. It’ll also have a harness to hold him in place while he does lat pulldowns and cable rows. He’s got fairly strong now and can’t stretch himself with these exersises as he just pulls himself out of the chair at higher weights.

Bands would be good too for all sorts of things.

well i think that’s definitely something her physician should advise her on.

Wow Renton, you have some pretty good ideas. That is a great story as well. Not the part about him not having an ass but the part about him still exercising. If I was in his position, I would have probably given up and driven my wheel chair off a building. Designing a wheel chair like that sounds like a great invention. Best of luck to you guys.

1morerep, her physician is not very good and seems to know very little about cardiology and angiograms. But her cardiologist always recommends exercise and very strict diets that seem unhealthy. He is hard on his patients. But she is the type of person who wont exercise if she is uncomfortable.