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Exercices for Back Off Set


Hi CT, when you use the technique of the back off set at the end of a workout where you've been working with low reps and heavy weights, is it important that you do the back off set with the same exercice, or you can do for example flat flyes if you've been doing flat bench. Do you think it would be okay to do for example face pulls after heavy chin-up if I want to put more emphasis on my mid and lower traps? Thank you!


not CT, but i would like to start off by saying i mean no disrespect when i say; why the hell would you consider doing different exercises for back off sets?!? the whole point of a back off set is relative to the lift you are doing, so you you should do back off sets of your main exercise!

doing face pulls after chin ups is a great way to finish of rear delts, but you would class that as a finisher, not a back off set.



Yes, but for example, doing a back off set is great to help replenish glycogen faster, glycogen is in a muscle not a movement... So that's why i'm asking if the movement is that much important, because the physiological response could be the same for the muscles involved in the movement.


i know what you're saying, but you've just described a finisher rather than a back off set.

a 'back off' set is done as a last set of an exercise once you've completed all the heavy work. the idea is to use a less weight, with higher reps to target the muscle fibres in a different way using the same exercise still.

what you're talking about DOES have a lot of merit, i just think that the best way to improve on the exercise is to do it more (sensibly). if blood flow / glycogen recovery is your purpose for doing it then thats ok, but i'm just saying it makes more sense to use the main exercise.

In a nutshell...

Bench Press > Chest Fly 'Back Off' - you will get a pump to serve the purpose you described.

Bench Press > Bench Press Back Off -you get a pump, more volume on the main exercise which will have a better stimulus effect on your overall look.

good luck to you whatever you decide sir! :slight_smile: