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Exemestane to Boost Free Testosterone

Hello T-Nation!

I’m a guy in my 20s with some hormone related issues.
I sufffer from low motivation and near zero sex drive.
I had gynecomastia with lactation as a kid, and was obese. Since then, I�ve dropped a lot of fat and gotten healthier.

I had some success with clomid, but it stopped working after a few months. Also, it gave me vision problems which means its a risk to use it.

Blood work:
My total test is acceptable (503 with normal range of 300-1080 for ages 18-39). My free test is what I am more worried about (97 with a range of 47-244).

The free test age range is 18-65, so being in the bottom quartile on that test is more significant than for the Total Test lab.

I am considering either Aromasin(exemestane) or HCG.

I just started taking 2.5 mg of exemestane.

Earlier this week I had morning wood, which is rare for me, but I just thought it my be placebo effect since I knew I had started taking the exemestane. But today, I had a sex related dream…wow, I haven’t had one of those in at least a couple years.

Also, I’m noticing some less bloating and puffiness. I guess I must be very sensitive to estrogen.

I will continue at 2.5 mg exemestane and try to drop some body fat that I added recently.
I will get blood work done again in 1-2 months time.

Any suggestions or advice? I wish I could find a good doc to work with but I�ve given up on that. Its pretty easy to get blood tests ordered, but thats about all I can expect.

without E2 test its a shot in the dark… If you have gyno its a good sign you are estrogen dominant though so an AI might be helpful to get your freeT up and E2 down.

It takes a week for serum levels of the drug to reach steady state and time changes in the brain to mature.

You need to be checking E2 levels, and prolactin. Did you ever get a MRI to check for a prolactin secreting pituitary adinoma?

Post your labs as per the advice for new guys sticky.

Thyroid problems can also make you feel in the dumps - thyroid basics sticky.