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Exemestane Dosage?


I’m currently on TRT. Doing 15 mg sub-q (EOD) alongside 200 IU hCG (EOD) and 6.25mg Exemestane E4D. This is giving me as follows:
TT 30 nmol/L
E2 107 pmol/L

I’ve previously done 25 mg intra-muscular (E2D), with the same hCG and AI. This resulted in:
TT 42
(FT 15.2)
E2 110

Also done the same, but without AI:
TT 33
E2 240

I’m considering increasing my dose for a few weeks, and was thinking 150 mg/wk might be a good dosage. Based on previous experiences, the IM route yields both higher T and about the same E2-levels (if not lower), so I guess that would be the preferred route. How can I adjust my AI dosage to accommodate for the increased aromatization?

You can cut your pill into smaller pieces and take slightly more.

Yes, I understand that is what I’ll have to do. My question was meant to address whether there is a way I can estimate how much I need, based on previous data?

There is no way to determine a dosage because no one can predict how you will respond at certain dosage, it’s trial and error. The only data on aromatase inhibitors is for women, current dosing recommendations are inappropriate for men.

Instead of taking the current dose, take the entire supply, along with the hcg, and throw it in the trash. Stay with the same dose of testosterone for 6-8 weeks, and see how you feel then.

You may feel worse before your body adjusts, but stick with it for 6-8 weeks without changing.