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Exemestane and Bone Loss


If you read summaries about Aromasin/Exemestane, they usually state that it is beneficial to bone health unlike other aromatase inhibitors; however, I actually went back and read as many studies as I could about it and I think they have been widely misinterpreted.

There was a rat study that showed better bone health on exemestane, but the human studies showed accelerated bone loss compared to not taking it. I think the misinterpretations have come from wording in one study that used the line in the conclusions "exemestane enhanced the rate of bone loss" (I'm paraphrasing). The word "enhanced" seems to be a poor choice, and is misleading. Am I completely wrong here? I would link the studies but I clicked out already. Just google exemestane and bone metabolism.

I got into this because I have been taking aromasin and dutasteride simultaneously in an experiment to raise free test endogenously. If test can neither convert to DHT nor Estrogen, then it should remain intact. Your body should theoretically then continuously try to create more test since it looks for the presence of either DHT or estrogen as a signal to cut production. I feel great and my balls are bigger (tmi) but my hands have been aching and it feels like I have arthritis. This got me thinking about bone and joint health, and so I did some digging.

Long story short, I just want people to be aware that exemestane actually has a negative, not positive impact on bone metabolism, unless I am completely wrong. I invite others to look at the data from studies, not the summaries floating around, so we can collectively figure this one out...


and the gubment just sit back and do nothing! Makes me sick


i don't think any AI has a positive effect on bone health. i mean, that's part of their mechanism... low E equals bone problems.

however, i believe most of the SERMs do, Toremifine, in particular...