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Whats the scoop on this stuff? Its like 250 mg of 2 asprins, i guess and 65 mg of caffine…

If you use this everytime you workout is it bad for you? i took 2 tablets before my workout today for a headache and i lifted like a maniac. Someone please fill me in on this, thanks.

It’s just in your head (no pun intended). It has far less caffeine in it that a single cup of coffee.

If you’re looking for a preworkout stimulant, there are far better choices out there.

This is great stuff for people who suffer from serious headaches, and can stave off a migraine if you take it when the migraine is starting.

I, too, have noticed the change with working out. I’ve seen references in TMag to taking ECA (Ephedrine, Caffeine, Aspirin) before a workout. If I’m not feeling particularly “up” to the workout, I slug down a helping of Power Drive and 2 Excedrin 30 minutes before. First time I did this was “by accident”: I took the Excedrin for a headache, and also Power Drive. Couldn’t believe not only how easy the weight was on a Saturday morning, but how “up” I felt. Now I do it regularly for heavy days.

I’s love to hear from those among us with more biochemstry expertise just what there is about these that crteates such a great synergistic effect.

What other pre workout boosts aer there

I’ve never heard of exedrin. What is it?
I use Ephedrine and caffiene but im coming off it soon since i’ve been on it for long enough and my body is starting to get used to it.

It is Excedrin, a headache medicine.
In faith,

After a migraine, I’m usually feeling pretty spiffy. But it’s more than likely due to the unbelievable relief from the pain.

NOT to the pain medication, which makes me sleepy; quite the opposite of energized.

I dont know about you guys but, there is a big difference in my workout when i take excedrin before i lift. Excedrin is just a pain reliver, asprin, with some caffine in it. So no one answered the question and im not sure i even asked so here goes… does your body become dependant on this stuff? Will it cause any hard to me if i use this to lift? thanks

You know, now that you mention it… I did the same thing a few days back for a headache prior to lifting. I too ended up having one of my best workouts ever, and before lifting I really wasn’t feeling into it at all (headache was still there).

I didn’t make the connection until I read this - I’ll try it again soon to see if it’s truly “in my head” or if there’s something to it.

everyone go out buy some excedrin and pop 2 pills before you lift,… it seems to have worked wonders for one of my friends too. i told him to do it this morning and after his workout he told me he lifted great. Another thing is that i usally get sore after workouts and i wasnt that much today, maybe the asprin…

My friends and I always used to do this. Pop 2-3 Exedrines right before a workout, we used to keep bottles of the stuff in our gym bags…always had great workouts doing this. The caffiene probably has a modest effect, but one of my theories was that the pain-relief was what helped my lifts so much. Bear with me…For example, I noticed that after taking exedrine my bench was up and it just felt easier, but later on after a bench day with no exedrine I noticed all kinds of little “pains” or stresses (in the forearms, tris) from trying to lift a heavy weight that I never really noticed or thought about until after I had experienced their absence. Know what I mean? It’s not really a “pain”, but just the natural feeling of stress in your arms from holding the weight. It’s almost as if the pain reliever masked the normal feelings of stress on the muscles from holding the weight and thus it felt lighter and was easier to lift. I tried this with Ibruprofen in large doses (800+ mg) and I found it to have the same effect, except without the “perk-up” from the caffiene in exedrine. I don’t fully understand this, but the effect was rather significant, and I’ve tried enough with and without to fairly certainly rule out placebo. Do other people have similar effects when using pain relievers that don’t cause drowsiness? Anyways I stopped because I, like the original poster is wondering about, started to feel like I was becoming dependent on them. Also I’m just not too cool with taking large amounts of anti-inflammatories daily. Got me curious to try it again though…

The inflammation that happens after a workout or a small injury helps your body heal itself. So, taking stuff to quell that inflammation after every workout is probably not a great idea, as it’s probably inhibiting strength gains.

Whether this effect is overcome by the fact that you feel better, and therefore lift more weight, and therefore should theoretically get stronger, I have no idea. However, I do know accomplished lifters who stay away from anti-inflammatory, and this is why.

Well i m going to stop this after 2 days of doing it because… I dont wanna become “addicted” to it and need it to work out. I was just wondering the effects it had ona person. thanks for clearing it up yo beka.

Good point Beka.

i USE TO RUN WITH SOME SERIOUS POWER LIFTERS WHO CLAIMED THAT ASPIRIN "THINS your blood. and therefore reduced straighth (Max). Aspirin certainly does thin blood so if you have a compition it would probably be a good idea to avoid it pre contest.